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Gynecomastia Patient 183


Watsonville, California: This is a 24-year-old who presents to the San Francisco office with gynecomastia. He presents for gynecomastia treatment for gland excision and liposuction. He has adolescent gynecomastia from a very early age and never takes off his shirt in public. He has had some breast pain and discomfort in the past. He has had hormone levels checked which have all been normal. His goal is to achieve a flatter chest so that he does not have to think about it and wants to “get it out of his mind”. He underwent gynecomastia breast gland excision and liposuction. Eight grams of breast tissue was removed from his right side and suctioned approximately 50 cc of fat and on his left side 8 grams of breast gland removed and about 50 cc fat removed. Of note, he underwent the minimal invasive “pull through procedure” which is minimally invasive technique to remove glandular tissue. This link will highlight the procedure The advantage is a much smaller incision and faster healing. He is 5’7”, 145 pounds. His surgery was performed in Marin County California at Marine Cosmetic Surgery Center in Novato, California.

Dr. Miguel A. Delgado is a well-known gynecomastia specialist who treats patients from around the United States of America and around the world. He has produced many documentaries regarding gynecomastia that have become very popular on YouTube - . His gynecomastia practice is centered in the California area in which he treats many patients from the San Francisco, Sacramento, Los Angeles, and San Diego region including Washington State and Oregon. His practice has a large amount of revision gynecomastia, which is a testament to the artistic skill and experience.