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Gynecomastia Patient 45


San Lorenzo, California – The patient is a 28 year old male from San Lorenzo, California who presents to the San Francisco office for steroid induced gynecomastia and presents for gland excision and liposuction. He is 5 feet 10 inches and weighs 190 pounds.  He took approximately two cycles of steroid treatment and developed enlarged glandular tissue that has become painful.  His goal is to have a flatter and a more masculine appearance.  He underwent gland excision and liposuction of his chest. He had 52 grams removed from his right breast and 90 grams removed from his left breast.  He had approximately 135 cc. of fat aspirated from each side of the chest. His post op course was uneventful other than having some steroid injections for some firmness in various locations. His photographs are taken approximately three months after surgery.