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Gynecomastia Surgery for Out of Town Patients

In general, patients choose their cosmetic plastic surgeon close to home for convenience and for easier follow-up care. For the most part, there are excellent board certified plastic surgeons in all parts of the United States. However, there is an exception to this, for some specialties such as gynecomastia, finding an expert may involve travel.

Gynecomastia Specialist for Surgery

Many surgeons will perform male breast reduction, but if they are less experienced, the results may lead to necessary revision surgery. It is better to get it right the first time; it will be less expensive, time-consuming, and better results.

It is essential for men to do their homework in researching the surgeon of their choice. Be sure to review many before and after pictures, read reviews, and make sure the surgeon is board certified in plastic surgery. Go on two or three or more consultations until you feel comfortable with the surgeon and the staff.

Gynecomastia, before and after

                                                       Before and After Gynecomastia Surgery

Surgical Excision and Liposuction Needed is a wonderful informational website dedicated to men searching for answers to many questions they may have about their male breasts. There are gynecomastia specialists on the forums along with the members who will answer questions and share stories. Be sure you understand that “true gynecomastia” involves both surgical excision and liposuction to get the best results. Do not opt for liposuction alone unless what you have is “pseudogynecomastia.” Pseudogynecomastia means only fat is causing your male breasts.

Dr. Miguel Delgado, M.D. states that over 40% of his practice is gynecomastia revision surgery where other surgeons did not remove enough tissue, or they removed too much. Don’t let this happen to you!

Men Travel From Afar to See Dr. Delgado

Dr. Delgado’s reputation as a gynecomastia specialist is nationwide and beyond. Men travel from all over the United States and other countries to be treated by him. Dr. Delgado appreciates that men are willing to travel far distances to see him, so he has implemented many protocols to assist his out of town patients.

Dr. Delgado offers a complimentary consultation either by Skype, or phone, after a patient sends pictures. After the consultation, the patient will be provided with a detailed quote. If the patient decides to come to Novato for surgery, a surgery date will be set, and a comprehensive booklet will be sent giving the patient pre and post-operative instructions.

Special Rates for Out of Towners

Novato Oaks Inn                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   The patient needs to arrive a couple of days before surgery for a pre-operative visit.  Dr. Delgado has arranged a special rate for out of town patients at the Novato Oaks Inn, be sure to mention his name when making reservations. The hotel is nearby and offers a free shuttle to the office.

Patients need to plan on staying a week after surgery for their follow up care, including drain and suture removal. Once home, Dr. Delgado will keep in touch by phone or Skype to follow your recovery.

Make an Appointment Today!

Contact us now to get your free virtual consultation with Dr. Delgado. For your complimentary consultation, email the following information to us at [email protected]:

  • Your name
  • Age, weight, height
  • Upload pictures of your chest, front and profile
  • Your phone number and when we can contact you

Traveling to San Francisco for Gynecomastia Surgery


The hardest part is making the decision to move forward with gynecomastia surgery, hopefully after speaking with your surgeon, your questions have been answered and you feel a huge relief knowing someone out there is able to Fly in to San Francisco for Gynecomastia Surgeryhelp you. But your surgeon is not geographically close to you, in fact perhaps in a city or state you have never even been to. After your phone consultation with Miguel A. Delgado, Jr., M.D., he will put you in touch with his patient coordinator who will help you every step of the way. Dr. Delgado does surgery on Mondays and Thursdays. Most guys want to return home as soon as possible. We have found that for our out of town patients that Thursdays work the best so that you may be seen Wednesday, the day before surgery, at our San Francisco office for your pre operative visit. Usually with a Thursday surgery it is possible to leave for home the following Tuesday after your post operative appointment. Once your surgery date has been determined, Dr. Delgado will want you to have a blood test to make sure you are healthy and can proceed with surgery. This should be done prior to making your travel plans! We can mail the lab request to you or your own doctor can order it. The tests results needed are for a CBC (complete blood count) and a PT/PTT (which determines blood clotting time). Dr. Delgado wants to be sure that there will not be any bleeding issues during surgery. After Dr. Delgado evaluates the results of your blood test and approves you for surgery, you can proceed with your travel arrangements. Let us know if you are coming by car or plane so that we can help you with directions. Ideally you will have a family member or friend traveling with you as you do need someone to stay with you at your hotel the first night of your surgery. We know that sometimes it is not possible to have someone come with you; in that case we have well trained care givers that we can help make arrangements to stay Novato Oaks Innwith you. There are several hotels nearby our Novato location which is where our surgery center is. We recommend The Novato Oaks Inn, which is only a mile or two from the office. If you mention that you are a patient of Dr. Delgado’s they will give you the corporate rate. They have a very nice restaurant on the premises, and also room service. If you do not have a car or wish to rent one, the hotel has a free shuttle service to our office. To see additional services and make reservations you may go to their website or call their toll free number…..After you have returned home, Dr. Delgado will want to monitor your healing progress and has found that if patients email photos, he is able to do this very well. If you have any concerns or issues you will be relieved to find how easy it is to reach him by phone.

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