Nipple reduction surgery for men in San Francisco

Male Nipple Reduction Surgery and Nipple Repair are areas of expertise for board-certified plastic surgeon Miguel Delgado, M.D., of San Francisco, California.

In men, the nipple is supposed to be smaller than in women. Large male nipples with enhanced nipple projection can cause worry and uneasiness in certain people. Since the male nipple is solely ornamental and has no physiological role to be preserved, male nipple reduction is, fortunately, less complicated than female nipple reduction.

Why is male nipple reduction surgery so important for men?

Nipple reduction in men is a simple operation carried out using local anesthesia for patients with great embarrassment and negatively affect on a man’s confidence due to their large or protruding nipples.

Many men who have swollen nipples find that light or snug T-shirts or swimming suits are difficult to wear. Even in the sweltering summers in San Francisco, California, some people choose to wear heavy shirts or multiple layers, dark shirts, ideally with lettering over the breast. Some people cover their nipples with band-aids. Dr. Delgado is a renown male nipple reduction and gynecomastia (male breast reduction) surgeon in the USA.

Before-and-after photos of male nipple reduction

Because the surgical treatments for swollen nipples and puffy areole are significantly different, it is crucial to distinguish between them. In addition, it is essential to keep in mind that the nipple is the projection in the middle of the areola and that the areola is the pigmented skin that surrounds the nipple.

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If you have a larger nipple than normal:

  • The central projection of the areola is excessive in size and/or projection.
  • The pigmented skin that surrounds the lesion is often smooth.
  • When the nipple is stimulated or chilly, the region appears to be in worse shape.
  • Male nipple reduction surgery is the surgical treatment for this condition.
Male Nipple Reduction Surgery – The nipple is protruding and the areola is the dark flat area

If you suffer from a swollen areola:

  • The entire pigmented area of the skin protrudes and appears to have a “puffy” areolas in the appearance.
  • The nipple doesn’t quite project very far beyond the areola in most individuals.
  • When the nipple and areola are stimulated or chilled, the area seems more attractive.
  • Male breast reduction is the surgical treatment for the condition known as gynecomastia (enlarged male breasts). This is excess tissue in the breast that is cured by male breast reduction surgery. This procedure is performed under conscious sedation or general anesthesia. Male nipple reduction surgery is the treatment of choice for over projecting nipples. However, in some male patients the areola itself is enlarged or stretched and looks more feminine. In this case, an areola reduction is the treatment of choice. This is also a minor surgical procedure performed under local anesthesia.

How is Male Nipple Reduction Surgery Done?

Nipple reduction in men is performed under local anesthetic and takes approximately a half-hour on average to complete. After the nipples have been rendered numb, an incision that is chevron-shaped and horizontally orientated incision is made to remove any superfluous tissue. There are several nipple reduction techniques depending on the length and width of the nipple and all can be performed under local anesthesia. The incisions are healed using absorbable sutures that dissolve over time, and then they are bandaged and treated with antibiotic ointment.

The pain is manageable and can typically be treated with nothing stronger than extra-strength Tylenol. For the next week, you should stay away from exercise and anything that requires heavy lifting. Avoid doing any chest exercises that are particularly challenging for the next two weeks. Nipple scars are typically quite subtle and difficult to locate due to their size.

Dr. Delgado, who practices plastic surgery in San Francisco, California, is one of the plastic surgeons in the United States who has the greatest expertise conducting male nipple reduction. Many men from other parts of the United States travel to San Francisco to see Dr. Delgado so that he might perform nipple reduction treatments on them. When you come in to see us, Dr. Delgado will conduct an examination and go over the various surgical procedures that are available to you. In addition to that, we will present you with a number of “before and after” photographs depicting male nipple surgeries carried out by Dr. Delgado. We would be pleased to supply phone numbers to other males who have gone through with this process if you are interested in speaking with them.

Make a nipple reduction consultation for male nipple reduction surgery with Miguel Delgado M.D., a board certified plastic surgeon.

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FAQ’S : Male Nipple Reduction Surgery San Francisco

How much does male nipple reduction and areola reduction cost?

The cost of nipple reduction surgery depends on the surgical techniques. In most cases, it depends if the nipple diameter is reduced or only the nipple’s projected part. The cost is generally $2,000-2500.

Some patients who have puffy or large areolas request reduction. This is a more involved procedure because the incision encircles the entire circumference of the areola.

Can men reduce their nipple size?

In order to achieve a more appealing, masculine chest, nipple reduction surgery reshapes or shrinks the nipples. Although it is a simple treatment that takes only a half-hour or an hour to execute, it can have a profoundly good effect on a man’s self-confidence and self-image.

  • Is nipple reduction permanent? Many people have completely invisible scars. The combination of this treatment with another, like a breast lift for men with severe gynecomastia, is a popular choice among patients who have had massive weight loss or grade 3 and 4 gynecomastia. The effects of nipple reduction surgery is permanent.
  • How should male nipples look? The nipple is normally 4-5 cm above the chest or mammary fold and faces forward on the “perfect” chest. The surrounding skin and the areola are flat. The areola will extend forward in some instances of gynecomastia, resulting in a “puffy nipple.”
  • Can the male nipple be reduced in size if I still think it’s too big?If the nipple is still too enlarged after surgery, the patient’s nipple can be revised to a more attractive size. Most men find that the male nipple size is adequate once the nipple swelling resolves.
  • The nipple can be shortened, but how? Both men and women who are dissatisfied with the size or length of their nipples can have male nipple reduction surgery as a cosmetic operation. When a nipple is overly long, too wide, or both, the technique might be done under local anesthesia. Nipple sensation maybe altered depending on the extent of nipple tissue removed. Male nipple reduction is a very successful procedure with a high patient satisfaction.

Two weeks before your scheduled appointment

  • Aspirin-containing products and anti-inflammatory medications can increase the risk of bruising. Headaches and other minor aches should be treated with extra-strength Tylenol.
  • Notify the personnel at Dr. Delgado’s office as soon as possible if you become ill with symptoms such as a fever, considerable cough, etc. In the event that it is required, your procedure can be postponed until you are in a better state of health.
  • Before surgery, you should not smoke at all and you should not use a nicotine patch for at least two weeks (and preferably for four weeks). After surgery, you should not use a nicotine patch for four weeks. Tobacco use not only slows the healing process after an injury but also raises the chance of complications during anesthesia and surgery. Post Operative Instruction
  • After your minor procedure, you should rest for a full week before engaging in any vigorous activity, including exercise. Most patients, otherwise, can proceed with normal activities like work, dinner out, etc the following day.
  • You can shower lightly over the incision region for 24 hours after the treatment. Cover the incision area with bandages and antibacterial ointment for the first week. Bandages should be used continuously until the absorbable stitches fall out (usually 7 to 10 days).
  • You will initially notice some swelling and mild bruising of the nipples. This will gradually resolve in the next few weeks. Nipple reduction surgery does not only have one technique but a variety of procedures to create a masculine chest. Dr. Delgado will discuss the various options to create a masculine appearance.
  • In most cases, scar care is not necessary and the best candidates have had realistic expectations.

About Dr. Delgado

The American Board of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery has certified Miguel Delgado, M.D., as a board-certified plastic surgeon. He is also a member of the American Society of Plastic Surgery and Aesthetic Society. Cosmetic plastic surgery is the only focus of Dr. Delgado’s surgical practice. He is the medical director of, the oldest and largest gynecomastia forum devoted to supporting, educating, and offering treatments for men with breast augmentation. He specializes in gynecomastia surgery. In San Francisco, California, Dr. Delgado is commemorating 30 years of clinical practice. San Francisco Magazine named him the “Best Plastic Surgeon of 2017–2023.”


Dr. Delgado, MD is a world-recognized plastic surgeon and specialist in the treatment of male breast enlargement, also called gynecomastia. He has developed new techniques and owns and operates, which has become the largest gynecomastia forum in the world. Dr. Delgado holds the two most coveted credentials; the certification by the American Board of Plastic Surgery and membership in the American Society of Plastic Surgery.

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