Dave is a personal trainer who used steroids for a few years without a noticeable change in the shape of his chest. When he lost weight, he noticed “man boobs” and began looking for a doctor to surgically correct this condition.

The following video documentary chronicles Dave’s journey.  Watch his initial consultation and pre-operation exam with San Mateo County gynecomastia expert Dr. Delgado. If you are interested, parts 3 and 4 sow the actual procedure, which may be too graphic for some patients. Lastly, Dave and Dr. Delgado meet one week and 5 months post-operation.

In the last part, Dave answers some of the questions patients often ask. He feels more comfortable with his upper torso following surgery and comments that no one suspects he had a procedure done as his chest looks masculine and natural.

Part 1: Pre-op Consultation

Part 2: Pre-Op Exam

Part 3: Surgery Day

Part 4: Surgery Continues

Part 5: One Week Post-Op

Part 5: Five Months Post-Op Follow Up

If you are a body builder who considers gynecomastia surgery, read more about your condition here. You should also visit our before and after photo gallery of actual patients to know what can be realistically achieved with male breast reduction.

Dr. Delgado is one of California’s top specialists in gynecomastia surgery. San Francisco Magazine twice selected him to their annual list of top doctors – in 2016 and 2017. He often sees patients who travel from San Jose, San Mateo and Palo Alto to his SF office.

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