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How to Prepare for Gynecomastia Surgery

Many gynecomastia patients ask what they can do to get prepared for surgery. This is an excellent question and I am happy when a patient asks as I know they will be proactive in their recovery. For my part, to make sure a patient is ready for surgery I order blood tests and dependant on age sometimes an EKG. At the preoperative visit, besides a physical I ask many questions about the patient’s health history and any current medications. The patient is then instructed to avoid any blood thinners for two weeks before and after surgery, and is given a comprehensive list of things to avoid. In addition to all this, the patient meets with our patient coordinator who gives him further instructions and a detailed booklet for reference. Patients are always encouraged to call the office if they have any other questions or concerns.

Dr. Delgado has always encouraged his male breast reduction patients to take good quality multiple vitamins before and after surgery as it will greatly enhance the recovery process and so the patient can be at his optimal health for surgery of the gynecomastia breast . It can be a challenge to find a good multi-vitamin that does not have vitamin E, as vitamin E has blood thinning qualities. In most cases if the vitamin has 400 units or less it will be OK, but to find one without any vitamin E is even better.

After a lot of research Dr. Delgado found VitaMedica vitamins and supplements that he found to be of superior qualityVitaMedica vitamins pic and now has them available to his patients at his office. The multi-vitamin does not have any vitamin E and an increased level of vitamin C for strengthening of capillaries and veins. Also available is Bromelain and Arnica for swelling and bruise prevention. Dr. Delgado and his patient coordinator will be able to advise patients what supplements would be best for them based on their health history and blood test results. The whole array of supplements can be viewed on Dr. Delgado’s main website at under the store tab.

In addition to getting the body as healthy as possible for surgery, the patient should be sure that all medications prescribed have been filled and are ready at home upon return from surgery. Be sure to arrange to have someone pick you up and to stay with you for the first 24 hours. Due to medications and anesthesia you may be in need of assistance for that short period of time. This is a non-negotiable requirement by Dr. Delgado for the safety of his patients.

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