The big conversation: how do I tell my spouse I want gynecomastia surgery

The best way to discuss the issue of gynecomastia, also known as man boobs, with a parent or loved one like a spouse is to be totally honest. You have lived with this condition for many years, and the enlarged male breasts have become an issue daily. A typical day for men with enlarged male breasts begins with the clothing issue of how to best reconcile but yet look hip and put together. This often results in dark or baggy clothing or even worse a tight compression garment. If you are a man who is very active the fear of taking off your shirt in sports or at the beach is a traumatic experience. There are solutions to change your life, and that is to eliminate the excess breast tissue with male breast reduction surgery.

Gynecomastia Surgery and Support.

Deciding to have gynecomastia surgery and removing breast tissue is a big step toward completing your goals. Communication with your loved one or parent is vital for support and post-operative care. This is one reason that discussing your desire for gynecomastia surgery is critical. Men of all ages hide their enlarged breasts for many years because of the stigma of having male breast tissue which is “female-like” in appearance. This topic can be very difficult to discuss but being honest with your feeling is the best approach with your loved ones. You need at least one person that you can confide in to take care of your needs.

Male Breast Reduction Promotes Greater Self-Esteem

Male breast enlargement can cause pain and humiliation. Gynecomastia is a condition that affects one’s self-esteem, both psychologically and physically. For many men, treating these gynecomastia symptoms improves their lifestyle and reduces the social stigma associated. It goes with saying that a board-certified plastic surgeon is the best option for treating gynecomastia in San Francisco. Dr. Delgado and his staff can answer any question that you have and provide many resources for your journey.

How to help your adolescent son discuss his gynecomastia

A parent is very keen on watching their son’s habits. These habits are sometimes not as obvious to him. Parents often notice a change in their son’s behavior which often starts after puberty. Some of the first signs are:

  1. He no longer takes off his shirt.
  2. He begins the wear garments that hide his chest. Often sweatshirts, even in the summer.
  3. He begins to avoid situations in which others are removing their shirt like swimming or sports that require the “skins vs shirts.
  4. Your son may become introverted and not want to socialize.
  5. He may be too embarrassed to discuss the issue.

Gynecomastia Treatment. When is the best time?

The best time to have gynecomastia treatment is when his lifestyle is affected by the psychological and social.

Breast gland tissue that developed during puberty often resolves within two years of when it develops. If the excess breast tissue does not resolve by this time, it becomes persistent gynecomastia. At this point, surgery can be done when he reaches 17-18 years. However,

if the patient and family members feel that the condition is preventing his psychological and social development, then plastic surgery should be considered. Otherwise, there is no reason to wait past 17-18 years old. Plastic surgery for male breast enlargement is best performed when the skin quality is young with good skin elasticity to contract smoothly to the new chest contour.


When is the best time to get gynecomastia surgery?

Male breast reduction surgery for enlarged breasts is not a major surgery procedure. The best time to make this life-changing procedure is when you have exhausted your diet, and exercise and are convinced that the breast tissue is not going away on its own. If breast tissue developed during puberty and is still present for 2-3 years, then it will not resolve. It becomes persistent gynecomastia into adulthood.


Dr. Delgado, MD is a world-recognized plastic surgeon and specialist in the treatment of male breast enlargement, also called gynecomastia. He has developed new techniques and owns and operates, which has become the largest gynecomastia forum in the world. Dr. Delgado holds the two most coveted credentials; the certification by the American Board of Plastic Surgery and membership in the American Society of Plastic Surgery.

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