What are the Surgical Risks for Gynecomastia Surgery?

Many San Francisco Bay Area men have asked what the risks for gynecomastia surgery are. One way of reducing risks is having surgery in a private surgery center such as Marin Cosmetic Surgery Center where quality control and less ongoing surgeries means less chance of infection. Risks for all surgeries  include:

• Bleeding (hematoma)

• Infection

• Blood clots

• Adverse events related to anesthesia

Specifically for male breast reduction surgery, the most common complication would be a hematoma, the additional risks would be:

• Breast asymmetry

• Nipple inversion

• Loss of sensation

• Scarring

• Seroma

• Loose skin

It is imperative to keep your gynecomastia surgeon informed of any noticeable changes such as excessive swelling, bleeding or bruising. It is how complications are managed that determines the outcome. When treated immediately there are almost no permanent negative results.

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