How Old Before Gynecomastia Surgery?

Many young men start to develop gynecomastia at age 12 and some even younger. Puberty is an emotional time for boys anyway with their hormone levels changing. Adding to that the development of gynecomastia breasts and/or “puffy nipples” can make for an extremely traumatic and stressful time for maturing boys. Many young boys of San Jose and all of the Bay Area find themselves pleading with their parents for corrective surgery and find when they see the pediatrician or plastic surgeon they are told they must wait.

This can cause a lot of anger and frustration for the young man, affecting his relationship with his parents and other people. But the doctors want to delay because in most cases the male breast will resolve on its own as the boy matures and doctors are hesitant to perform unnecessary surgery.

If gynecomastia has not resolved after two years, then chances are it will not, so depending on the maturity of the boy, surgery can be contemplated.

There is not a magic number as to what age is allowable. Each patient needs to be evaluated considering many factors. It is not unheard for a boy of 13 to have gynecomastia surgery.

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